Pharmaceutical and chemical wastewater streams that are toxic and non-biodegradable contain:

  • API's
  • Organics
  • Solvents
  • Metals (Zn, Mo, Cr, Ni, Pd,...)

InOpSys eliminates toxicity and recuperates valuable components (Zn ,Pd,...).  We have a partner network and create a circular economy between different industries.

The European Commission recently recognised in its communication (1) on the circular economy that our economies have developed a ‘take-make-consume and dispose’ pattern of growth since the industrial revolution. This pattern is neither efficient nor sustainable. The Commission is therefore encouraging a shift towards a more circular economy which relies on “reuse, high quality recycling and a limited use of primary raw materials”. This movement is key to the development, growth and employment in Europe.  

Together with many others InOpSys emphasises that water is an important element of the circular economy of the future.

InOpSys provides the unit and services to create a circular economy for the recovery of metals out of wastewater and for the reuse of water.

There is no such thing as wastewater, only water that is wasted!

(1)  COM(2014)398: Towards a circular economy: A zero waste programme for Europe