Who Are We

InOpSys NV is a KU Leuven spin-off company and will commercialize a new concept to treat hazardous and toxic chemical and pharmaceutical wastewater streams.

We design and deliver flexible, modular and mobile units, or in short, a chemical Plant-On-A-Truck.  These mobile facilities are brought to chemical and pharmaceutical companies to treat wastewater on site. This will reduce the number of waste transports to traditional treatment facilities. The technology can also be adapted to waste streams with diverse flow rates and compositions.

The approach is based on a technology that was developed and refined at the KU Leuven Process and Environmental Technology Lab (PETLab) and a new technology that was developed by AvoRe NV, one of the co-founders.

The concept has been tested first on lab scale and later on pilot scale, as well as on site, showing promising results. The recent capital injection of the KU Leuven Gemma Frisius Fund and the Innovation Fund allows InOpSys NV to take the step towards a full commercialization of its plant-on-a-truck units at chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

We have a profound background in chemistry and chemical engineering.  This we combine with a broad knowledge in scientific and innovative research and many years of experience in industrial chemical engineering and production.