Working at InOpSys

Allow us to convince you why you should reinforce the InOpSys-team and go for a circular economy job...


Help us with our water purification alternative and contribute to a reliable and sustainable solution to the wastewater problem of our planet, for now and for later.
Be part of something that is bigger than yourself.


Your personal development is important. Therefore we shall follow you up personally en you will enjoy external as well as internal training, gain experience and will see improvement continuously with yourself.


You will push not only your own boundaries, but also those of InOpSys. Because of the potential of our concept we will be able to expand in the next upcoming 10 years to Ireland for example, Switserland or even India.



On-site Field Operations Engineer

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InOpSys stands for...

Our vision?

"Clean water drives us all."

Our mission?

“InOpSys manages your assumed non-recyclable process streams by recovering water, raw materials and valuable components through an InOpSys operated on-site solution.

We focus primarily on (bio) pharmaceutical and (fine) chemical industry because they work with the most demanding standards on safety, quality and sustainability which we are able to match through our in-house expertise.

Together, we secure clean water for the future.”

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Operational team 





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Our Facilities & Services


We can support you in our own laboratory by assessing which wastewater treatment technique and/or combination of techniques leads towards the desired outcome for specific streams. InOpSys is a system integrator and we combine existing technologies with our own techniques.

In our laboratory we can execute different analysis and screenings for different wastewater treament process developments. We also focus on our own new developments in wastewater technology.


With our technologies we can provide a proof of concept for the removal of multiple steroid/hormonal and other components. We can provide a fast and efficient detection of ppq (fM) levels of estrogens, androgens, progestogens, glucocorticoids according to client needs.



Mobile Advanced Oxidation Process Unit

We have a mobile AOP unit available for pilot and full scale testing. This unit can treat wastewaters with toxic, non-biodegradable and/or persistent compounds.



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ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Quality. Environment.

Since the end of March 2017, you can call InOpSys NV officially ISO9001:2015-certified! And since December 2018 we are also ISO14001:2015-certified. What does this mean in short?


ISO9001:2015. Quality.

  • Working by means of a quality system
  • Adjusted to the wishes and demands of our client
  • We hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard
  • Services and products comply with all legal requirements
  • Staff is managing the processes that are coming along

ISO 14001:2015. Environment.

  • Meet the requirements of the ISO 14001/2015 standard
  • Policy based on respect and health of mankind and environment
  • No generation of profits at the cost of the environment
  • Persue cradle2cradle-principle with all our installations
  • Environmental goals and KPI’s regularly evaluated


Are you dissatisfied or do you have a suggestion? Please let us know:

We are eager to find a solution together and we are open to ideas. 

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Invest in Circular Economy

Do you wish to invest in a more sustainable world and Circular Economy?

A holistic water strategy includes innovation in technologies, business models, funding and financing and partnerships (across industry sectors). InOpSys is already implementing this to be able to serve its customers in the future. Water is the driving force of all nature and industry. New water strategies will require an investment in digital water technologies and circular economy water concepts.

InOpSys wants to grow and expand its innovative and sustainable solutions. This requires partnerships and investments.  

We look forward to get in contact with Venture Capital with a clear focus on sustainable chemistry, Circular Economy and water reuse.