Ir., MBA, Steven De Laet


Steven De Laet, Managing Director of InOpSys, obtained his Master in industrial sciences (chemical process engineering) at the De Nayer Instituut (KUL) and a Master of science in engineering (chemical engineering) at KU Leuven (CIT). He worked at several chemical companies, such as Bayer Antwerp as a process engineer and at BASF Antwerp (process engineer and production manager of amine production). He was also active in plastics and coating industry; like at Mondi Belcoat as operations manager and Technology & Business Development manager Technical Coatings. He later worked at ABInbev and Business Development for new chemical developments. As an independent management consultant he supported companies in: operations management, strategy development and implementation, side stream valorisation projects. In 2011 he was active as freelance Business Development manager at VITO and supported FISCH vzw (Catalisti) as one of the first program managers. Steven De Laet continued his activities as an interim manager.  Januari 2015 he became the CEO of ECOPACK NV.  End December 2015 he was appointed Managing Director of InOpSys NV.  
He also obtained an Executive International MBA degree from the Vlerick Management School (2008-2010).

You can contact Steven in Dutch, English, French and German.

Tel.: 0032 468 124 094




Ing. Kwinten Van Eyck

R&D Manager - Project Manager

Kwinten Van Eyck is our R&D-manager and Project Manager. He obtained his Master in Industrial Sciences (chemical process engineering) at KULeuven campus De Nayer. He gained 10 years of experience in solving wastewater purification problems of industrial companies as a project engineer in contract research and as a co-project leader in IWT-Tetra projects at KU Leuven. Kwinten has been a scientific member of the Process and Environmental Technology Lab (PETLab) since 2008.

During his career at KU Leuven he gained extensive experience and knowledge on traditional wastewater treatment techniques. In addition, he did extensive fundamental research on Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP).  In the meantime, he was also co-creating the InOpSys spin-off from KU Leuven until December 2015. In January 2016 he joined the management team of InOpSys NV as the R&D and Project Manager. 

He is always eager to answer all of your questions in both English and Dutch.


Some scientific publications of Kwinten

KU Leuven Contact Kwinten




Ing. Jonathan Feremans

Project Manager

Jonathan Feremans obtained his Master in Industrial Sciences (chemical process engineering) at the “De Nayer Instituut” and is our Project Manager. His experience was gained as project manager in multiple research projects on water treatment at the KU Leuven Campus De Nayer.

In addition, he was also project engineer and project leader at Xylem Water Solutions. He joined our team mid-December 2016.

Also in his spare time, he is active within water purification as board member of water4ghana. A nonprofit that builds drinking water supply systems in the north of Ghana.

Jonathan will be only too happy to answer your questions in English and Dutch.




Naomi Queeckers

QESH - HRM - Marketing

Naomi Queeckers is the QESH- and HR-manager of InOpSys and also takes care of the communication and marketing. She gained experience on QESH-management (Quality, Environment, Safety, Health) and Human Resources at Belgian Centre for Quality Management, a durability-focused consultancy firm. Here she also gained experience on ISO certification and made sure the ISO9001 certificate of InOpSys for Quality was obtained in March 2017. She also did a traineeship at the Pacorini Group, an international market leader in warehousing and transport of general cargo and mostly metal and coffee, where QESH and Human Resources were daily routine.

She is a certified Prevention Advisor and has a degree in Marketing Communications and Advertising. She was also interim Editor-In-Chief of the Entrepreneurs Magazine of the Chamber of Commerce at Leuven, which has a reach of 10.000 readers within 3.000 companies.
You can adress Naomi in Dutch, English and French.

Tel.: 0032 474 500 775




dr. Ing. Bert Bastiaens

R&D Project Leader

Bert Bastiaens has acquired his master degree in Engineering Technology (chemical process engineering)  at the Lessius college, campus De Nayer. As he was granted a scholarship from the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology Flanders (IWT 121499) he conducted his PhD-research at the Process and Environmental Technology Lab (PETLab) at KU Leuven. He is combining his job at InOpSys NV with the final stages of his PhD programme.

During his PhD he has worked as a teacher, lab coordinator, supervisor and researcher. As a researcher he has had several contribution to international scientific events. During his PhD-research, he has gained an extensive knowledge of biological waste(water) treatment, with a focus on anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment. He is a member of the research department of InOpSys NV since august 2017. To profile himself as the project-leader of the research pillar “high loaded waste streams”, he is expanding his knowledge of electrochemical degradation methods through internal research projects.

Do not hesitate to contact him with questions regarding the research at InOpSys NV.




Prof. Pharm. dr. Dirk Leysen

R&D Manager

Our R&D manager Dirk is a medicinal chemist with 30 years of R&D experience in pharma, biotech and academia.  At the university of Antwerp, Dirk graduated with great distinction as pharmacist and received the Specia price for best student medical sciences.  He then started his specialization in medicinal chemistry as assistant professor, graduated in 1987 as industrial pharmacist and obtained his PhD in medicinal chemistry with greatest distinction.  In recent years, he gained extensive hands-on experience with engineering work and chemical processes involving compound removal and recovery.

He is a result-oriented and passionate scientist who enjoyed working at the bench as well as holding different positions such as vice-president medicinal chemistry (Organon The Netherlands), head of R&D Pharma (Devgen), founder / CSO / board member (Amakem) and part-time professor chemical biology at universities of Maastricht and Eindhoven.  Dirk delivered 30 compounds for pre-clinical development, is (co)author of over 50 publications and (co)inventor of 60 published patent applications.  His moto is ‘pharmaceutical chemistry beyond borders’ and his drive is to apply physio-chemical insights to solve problems and deliver operational processes.




Ir. Cameron Dierendonck

R&D Scientist Membranes

Cameron obtained his Master in Bioscience Engineering: Catalytic Technology at KU Leuven. He fills in the role of R&D Scientist Membranes within our team and is responsible for the elaboration of all solutions that use membrane technology.

Cameron will gladly answer all your questions regarding Membrane Technology in both English and Dutch.



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