Pharmaceutical production - API Steroid removal - operational 06/2019

InOpSys developed a hybrid system for the removal of a steroid compound out of the customers pharmaceutical wastewater. This wastewater was in the past transported and incinerated.

Scope is the removal of the steroid compound from plus 5000 ppb to less than 0,1 ppb. The wastewater contains also relative large amounts of solvent, catalyst and other organics. Analysis in this complex matrix and the LOQ are challenging.

The wastewater will be purified with a new InOpSys mobile ATEX certified unit.  The unit will be operational and serving the customer from 06/2019 on!  The mobile and modular concept makes it possible to serve with this unit also other customers with this kind of challenges.

The InOpSys concept generates a cost reduction, avoids transport and increases sustainability. No water ends in incineration and API's are removed in a safe and controlled way. 


InOpSys has developped the last three years, on top of the 10 years of KUL developped expertise, an extensive background and expertise on the analysis and the removal of API's out of pharmaceutical wastewaters.  

With our technologies we can provide a proof of concept for the removal of multiple steroid/hormonal components.  We can provide a fast and efficient detection of ppq (fM) levels of estrogens, androgens, progestagens, glucocorticoids according to client needs.