‚ÄčDecentralized sustainable toxic process stream treatment

InOpSys provides and operates on-site mobile units for the purification of industrial toxic and non-biodegradable process streams and wastewaters. 

With our concept we avoid transport and incineration of wastewater. Purified water can be re-used and this results in a waterloop closure. If possible we recover raw materials (solvents, catalyst, ...) out of the wastewater.

Our solution decreases CO2 footprint and creates a Circular Economy.

This solution is cost efficient, can be CAPEX-free, is sustainable and ensures less logistics. 

We combine different technologies and deliver a mobile unit on-site that is ATEX certified if required.




How can InOpSys help you?

  1. Sustainable purification of wastewater streams on-site
  2. Recovery of raw materials - Circular Economy
  3. Water loop closure



What are the advantages?

Do you wish to know which advantages this solution holds for you company? Click on added value of purification.

How we will address your wastewater challenge, which laboratory and pilot tests we can carry out for you, you can find at approach of purification.


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