InOpSys NV raises EUR 2,5 million of new capital

VMH (Flemish Environment Holding) invests EUR 1,25 million in the young company InOpSys and the current shareholders – among them the Innovation Fund, Gemma Frisius Fund and KU Leuven – are contributing another EUR1,25 million together.

InOpSys develops innovative solutions for the onsite treatment of complex and toxic wastewaters that arise during the pharmaceutical and chemical production processes.
Transport and incineration of these wastewaters are being eliminated by this InOpSys-concept. The onsite purified water can be recovered in production processes of clients and valuable components are being recovered as well (metals, phosphates, solvents,…). Those components will then be offered to specialized companies as a raw material. With this concept InOpSys offers a sustainable, innovative and cost efficient solution to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry where water loops are being closed and a circular economy is being created. InOpSys is currently able to develop solutions out of its own laboratory and can also implement and operate these solutions on the site of the client by means of flexible, modular and mobile units.

InOpSys is a KU Leuven spin-off company that was founded in 2015, based on an idea that was launched within the Fisch/Catalisti spearhead cluster. Seed capital was provided by the Innovation Fund and Gemma Frisius fund. The InOpSys team expanded in the past two years from 2 to 7 team members that are contributing to this growing success story with international potential. May 2017 the first on site process water solution was implemented at the production site of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV at Geel. This project was awarded the grand prize at the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment in 2018.

About VMH

VMH or The Flemish Environment Holding is a public investment company that participates in companies within the environment sector that is considered as strategic by the Flemish Government and that is providing venture capital to companies in an early development stage and accelerate the transition towards the circular economy.

VMH has a 100 % participation in Aquafin and thereby gives substance to the assignment of the Flemish Region to support and implement the current environmental.

To stimulate circular economy and the implementation of this new and innovative initiatives with a positive environmental impact, VMH acts as venture capitalist. Start-ups as well as companies in their early development stages qualify for a participation. VMH will only invest together with entrepreneurs, companies and other financiers in the form of a minority stake in the venture capital round.
VMH is looking for projects that can be transposed by an “entrepreneurial team” into companies who can accelerate the circular economy.
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About Innovation Fund

Created in February 2015, Innovation Fund invests in innovative startups and companies active in the field of chemistry and life sciences. The fund has a capital of EUR 28 million, financed for more than 60% by major companies in the sector, bringing unique industrial support value to the investment projects. The remaining 40% is held by national and regional investment funds, universities and banks. To date, the Innovation Fund has already invested in 16 companies.
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About Gemma Frisius Fund

Gemma Frisius Fund (GFF) is a seed capital fund, established in 1997 as a joint venture between KU Leuven, KBC Private Equity and BNP Paribas Fortis Private Equity. It combines the research and technology transfer expertise of the university with the financial and investment expertise of the two financial partners. GFF provides seed capital in the early development phases of innovative, research-based KU Leuven spin-off companies originating from all technology domains and provides support in their further growth process.
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