Privacy Policy / Cookie Statement

InOpSys respects your privacy and your personal data in conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation.
This policy describes how we collect, obtain, or use your personal info, how long we keep it, who we share it with and how we protect your information. We will never transfer your personal info without your consent and want to keep the privacy of your personal info safe.
InOpSys stands for InOpSys and al its subsidiaries, other joint ventures, partnerships, undertakings and entities authorized to using the name InOpSys. For more info on the entities that control and process personal data, see below under “data controllers and processors”.

What personal information do we collect?

We may collect your personal data for our business purpose to offer, promote and sell our services through direct marketing, event management, project coordination, promotional actions, marketing campaigns, or any other action in our relationship with our stakeholders in our industry, including inbound and outbound business development. When you use our website, when you contact or request info or when you use our services as staff, clients, suppliers and stakeholders, we will respect your privacy and act in conformity with the general data protection regulation.

The personal info we process, within our scope of business, can be:

How we obtain your personal info

How we use your personal data

InOpSys obtains, collects, and processes your personal info in several ways, like your use of our website and the provision of services by us or for us. 

Purpose of processing, obtaining or collecting any of your personal info:

Website and Cookie Statement

Our website includes web-based services including the provision and processing of personal data, like qualification forms, customer requests, call-to-actions, requests for proposals or jobs. The purpose of these services is to obtain and provide personal data required for the provision, availability, promotion and supply of our services.

Our website uses web-based tracking, analysis and reporting tools such as Google Analytics and other web-based analytics to report, log, and improve the use of our website by our visitors. Google Analytics does this by placing text files called ‘cookies’ on your device. The information collected by these cookies, such as the number of visitors to the site, the pages visited, and the length of time spent on the site, is fully anonymous.  Please also see ‘Marketing and Email’.

You may refuse the use of cookies or withdraw your consent at any time by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. Please note that this may affect the use of our website. By continuing to use our website without changing your privacy settings, you agree with the use of cookies.  To find out more about the use and purpose of cookies, consult

Marketing and Email

InOpSys sends newsletters to inform you of our latest news, services and offers. We will always ask first if you want to subscribe to our newsletter. We may also use customer relationship management applications, within the scope of the applicable legislation, to manage and improve the relationship between InOpSys and its stakeholders: customers, suppliers or business partners.

If you do not want to receive no more email communications from us, you can unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe link in campaigns or by sending an email to

Our services

We collect, use, create, keep and maintain personal info in connection with the services we provide to our customers. We are allowed to process identification and service info as part of our business organization, marketing and sales, administration, finance, including financial checks if this is required for risk management purposes.  We may also process personal info for the supply of our services. We will not disclose personal info to third parties without your confirmed consent and only if this info is required for the provision or the supply of the services we provide to our customers. Keep in mind that you may object or withdraw your consent for use of your personal info at any time.

Legal ground for using and processing personal info

We use and process your personal info on the following legal bases:

How long we keep your personal info

We will keep your personal info as long as required for our business purposes or until you let us know that you no longer wish that your personal info is being kept by us, which you can do at any time. If this is the case, then please send an email to, together with a scan of your legitimate identity card.

We have a secure server for business information and we input the personal information that we collect (as described in this Privacy Policy) in Teamleader, a CRM-tool we use. For more info on how Teamleader protects this info, go to “How we protect your personal info” below.

Who we share your personal info with

The personal info that you provide to us to perform or to support a contract, or personal info obtained through branding campaigns, can be shared with and processed by any of our business partners or associated suppliers if required to perform or support our services, including the use of that personal info to manage, offer or improve our services.

We can also have certain trusted third parties who can use or with whom we can share your personal info with, if these entities are within the legal scope of contractual agreements and arrangements, such as:

Transfer of personal info

In case we would have a future transfer or re-organization, it is very likely that we will have to transfer your personal info to the new InOpSys entities or to third parties through which our business will be carried out after a transfer, sales or re-organization.

Social Media Policy

We use LinkedIn and Twitter for company branding purposes. If you make use of these social media in connection with our branded business, please review their privacy policy regarding personal info.

We do not disclose, rent or sell personal info to any third party for commercial purposes outside the scope of our company objectives or business purposes without prior consent.

How we protect your personal info

We protect your personal info from use, unauthorized access, disclosure, hacking, modification or destruction in conformity with applicable international data protection laws. 
InOpSys holds an internationally recognized quality standard ISO 9001:2015 in respect of the entire business organization, its document management, client property, confidential data and internal and external communication. We have a secure server for business information and we input the personal information that we collect (as described in this Privacy Policy) in Teamleader, a CRM-tool we use. By agreeing with the Data Process Agreement of Teamleader, it is guaranteed that that Teamleader complies  fully with the GDPR legislation as a processor. You can consult the security measures that Teamleader takes regarding the info that we put in this CRM-tool, here:

Which countries we transfer your personal information to

If our services to you involve locations in other countries, outside the jurisdiction in which you provide it or where you are viewing this website for the purposes set out in this privacy policy, it is possible that a transfer of your info is needed to this location outside the European Union (the EU) – (or vice versa).  Please consult ‘Who we share your personal info with’ for details on information sharing with InOpSys and third-party providers.

It can occur that the level of information protection in countries outside the EU is less than that offered within the EU. If this is indeed so, we will implement appropriate measures to ensure that your personal info remains protected and secure in accordance with applicable data protection laws.  EU standard contractual clauses apply for all InOpSys entities or their business partners.
Where our third-party service providers process personal info outside the EU when providing services to us, our data processing agreement with them will include the purpose and legal ground to use or share such personal info within the scope of our contractual business relationship with these third-party service providers who will be recorded on the data processor list.

Your rights regarding your personal info

You may always request details of the info we hold about you and how we process it. You are entitled to have your personal info modified or deleted, to restrict our processing of that info, or to prevent unauthorized transfers of your personal info to third parties, where permitted or not otherwise restricted by law.

You have the right to file a complaint about our processing of your personal info with a supervisory authority for data protection if we are unable to meet the legally required protection requirements of your personal info, despite our efforts and measures to do so.

If you do not want your personal info to be processed, or if you have provided your consent to processing and you later choose to withdraw it, we will respect that to meet our legal obligations.
If you object or withdraw your previously given consent, this could mean that we are unable to perform the actions necessary to achieve the purposes set out above to use your personal info to provide, support or supply our services.

Please note that even after your objection or withdrawal of your previous consent we may be able to continue to process your personal info to the extent reasonably required or otherwise permitted by law, in particular in connection with exercising and defending our legal rights or meeting our legal, financial and regulatory obligations. 

We want to keep your personal info accurate and up to date, so please inform us of any changes to your personal info by emailing InOpSys with your updated personal info or any requests to change this info. This email can be send to, including a scan of your legitimate identity card.

Data controller responsibility

Our services are provided by InOpSys’ head office based in Belgium. Our central IT applications and servers are in Belgium and controlled by InOpSys Belgium.  Depending on the location where services are provided, another undertaking or entity within InOpSys’ business units or business partners may be the data controller or processor (like Teamleader, cfr. “How we protect your personal info” ) in relation to your personal data depending on the jurisdiction of the legal parties of a contract or business agreement. For details of the InOpSys company and its business partners through which we provide services, please consult our website