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Poly-Ox Unit

Poly-Ox is a polyvalent mobile oxidation-unit that can combine different AOP technologies.This unit can be used in a batch (multiple sequential AOP) or continuous (single AOP) mode depending on the specific problem of the customer. The different techniques that can be used sequantial are:

De unit is developed as a pre-treatment to convert toxic wastewaters into biodegradable wastewaters that can be discharged into a standard biological wastewater treatment. The unit can handle volumes between 150m3 and 5000m3/year depending on the required residence time and oxidans dosing. 

To ensure the perfomance of the unit we use our Bio-Safe Online Toxicity Analyser


Poly-Met Unit

​​Poly-Met is a polyvalent mobile unit for the removal of a variety of metals:

  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Pb
  • Cu
  • Mn
  • Ni
  • Hg
  • Ag
  • Pd
  • Sn

The Poly-Met Unit purifies a flow between 150-1500m3/year (one container). Optionally, the unit can further purify this flow until a raw material (other containers).

Parallel to this removal of heavy metals the unit can also be used for the removal of phosphates and fluorides. Additional coloidal particles or emulsions can also be broken or separated.


Bio-Safe Detector

The Bio-Safe is an aerobic respirometer for the online monitoring of problem causing changes in the wastewater composition. Based upon the respirogram the available BOD can very quickly be measured or the presence of acute toxic components can be detected. 

The respirogram is a trend of the OUR (Oxygen Uptake Rate) in function of the treatment time. The quicker certain biological products are digested by the active slib, the higher the OUR will be. In case of toxic compounds the total OUR can decrease under a critical value. Considering the fact that adapted sludge from the own biological treatment is used there is a direct correlation between the measured toxicity and the effect on the own biological treatment. The response time can be experimental determined in the InOpSys lab


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