Clean water drives us all.


We fully take over the treatment of your wastewater streams for you. InOpSys manages your assumed non-recyclable process streams on-site thanks to our services and mobile treatment installation used to recover water, raw materials and valuable components. We help you to evolve towards circular water streams.

A good and long-term solution makes happy customers. We have a passion for chemistry and are driven by sustainability. Janssen Pharmaceutica is one of our clients. Find out why this client is so enthousiastic about our collaboration.

We focus primarily on (bio) pharmaceutical and (fine) chemical industry because they work with the most demanding standards on safety, quality and sustainability which we are able to match through our in-house expertise and an intelligent approach.

You will have a reliable partner who will build a sustainable solution together with you in full transparancy, without any need for investment and even a lower cost on multiple levels. Through our full on-site service we take care of treatment, monitoring and continuous follow-up of your wastewater streams so you needn't lose any sleep over it.


Together, we secure clean water for the future.


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