L'industrie pharmaceutique

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Production and formulation of pharmaceutical compounds and medicines generates API containing wastewaters. Due to toxicity, non-biodegradability and or persistency transport and incineration are the current practice.


InOpSys Solution

Combination of innovative technologies that result in a cost effective, sustainable and reliable on-site solution.

Would you benefit from:


API removal from Drug Substance- or Drug Product manufacturing campaigns

  • including potential quantifications at ng/L levels
  • with potential evaluation of ecotoxicity of discharge streams
  • or a generic approach




InOpSys AOP solutions (Advanced Oxidation Processes) for the selective removal of API's.

Surfactants removal from DS / DP CIP-, bioprocess streams


InOpSys based surfactant removal techology

Pd catalyst recovery from DS manufacturing processes 

  • water streams
  • organic solvent layers


InOpSys developed Pd recovery technology

Phosphates removal / recovery from biopharmaceutical processes


InOpSys phosphates recovery solution

Heavy metals removal / recovery from DS manufacturing campaigns


InOpSys metal recovery solution

Solvent removal from solvent-rich streams


InOpSys NRS technology

Endocrine disrupting activity:

  • evaluation and removal from streams, 
  • including unknown degradants, side-products


InOpSys micropollutant capture technology


A single partner to implement and operate an integrated on-site process tailored towards your requirements?

Inopsys has a track-record and collaborates with international experts for optimal R&D and operation of the on-site service.


OPEX based on-site solution operated by our engineers!