Mobile Units for on-site Removal
of Problem Components from Waste Water

Flexible, Modular and Mobile units for on-site treatment of side streams.




Who Are We?

InOpSys NV is a KU Leuven, AvoRe NV spin-off company and we commercialize a new concept to treat hazardous and toxic chemical and pharmaceutical wastewater streams. InOpSys NV designs, constructs and delivers Flexible, Modular and Mobile Units for on-site treatment. The idea of a Plant-On-a-Truck was initiated within FISCH and supported by the Innovation Circle, an innitiative of Essenscia and the Innovation Fund.

What We Do

We offer a full on-site sustainable and cost effective wastewater treatment service. 

InOpSys NV designs and delivers full Flexible, Modular and Mobile Units (FMMU) for on-site separation or treatment of wastestreams.  

We are convinced that wastewaters with toxic and hazardous components can be treated in a sustainable and cost effective way. Therefor we design and deliver flexible, modular and mobile units, or in short, a chemical Plant-On-A-Truck. These mobile facilities are brought to chemical and pharmaceutical companies to treat wastewater on-site, instead of incineration. This will reduce the number of waste transports to traditional treatment facilities. The technology can also be adapted to wastestreams with diverse flow rates and compositions.