Inteauclean: Integrated treatment of wastewater from tank cleaning industry

This project aimes to develop a solution for the wastewater problem of the tank cleaning industry which deals with persistent organic pollutants that cannot be treated by a conventional industrial wastewater treatment plant and end up in our water ways causing harm to our environment.

Janssen Pharmaceutica NV

InOpSys developed an on-site mobile solution for the removal of Zinc out of side streams, together with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV in an open innovation approach.

Pharmaceutical production - API Steroid removal - operational 06/2019

A steroid containing pharmaceutical wastewater is purified with a new InOpSys decentral and mobile unit.  

SuMEMS Membrane based solutions

The project works on the development of innovative membrane-based solutions for the sustainable and economic treatment of the typical solvent-rich, and often very alkaline waste waters, that are currently incinerated externally.

Chemical Production: Latex removal - operational 12/2019

InOpSys has developed a decentral mobile unit for the removal of Latex monomers out of an industrial wastewater. This unit will purify the wastewater and recuperate the Latex.  

How does the mobile treatment plant look like?

Want to have a quick look of what InOpSys can offer you in the area of wastewater purifcation and what the benefits care? Click here to find a short informative video.

Catalisti, facilitator of Plant-On-A-Truck

Catalisti enabled our proces of realisation of our first Plant-On-A-Truck in cooperation with Janssen Pharmaceutica. Find out how over here!