Janssen Pharmaceutica NV

InOpSys developed an on-site mobile solution for the removal of Zinc out of side streams, together with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV in an open innovation approach.

Pharmaceutical production - API Steroid removal

A steroid containing pharmaceutical wastewater is purified with a new InOpSys decentral and mobile unit.  

How does the mobile treatment plant look like?

Want to have a quick look of what InOpSys can offer you in the area of wastewater purifcation and what the benefits care? Click here to find a short informative video.

Upcoming projects: Latex removal from industrial Wastewater

InOpSys has developed a decentral mobile unit for the removal of Latex monomers out of an industrial wastewater. This unit will purify the wastewater and recuperate the Latex.  

Catalisti, facilitator of Plant-On-A-Truck

Catalisti enabled our proces of realisation of our first Plant-On-A-Truck in cooperation with Janssen Pharmaceutica. Find out how over here!